About us


Just as amateur radio is a very broad term and everyone will find something for themselves, so in our club you will find many different personalities who are interested in various aspects of our hobby. The age breakdown of the club is also very wide – from colleagues who have spent „on air” over fifty years to the young lads who obtained SWL license recently. There are people interested in electronics and antennas technologies, radionavigation sports, those who like „chewing rags”, and professionals interested only in the competition,  and those for whom the telegraphy is like a religion and they do not want to hear about other modes, at the end of the „infected” are also digital modes enthusiasts.

We will help you to obtain the license, learn telegraphy, build antennas and transceivers. We will give you advices about amateur equipment as well.
The club has a good transceiver with a set of good antennas – this kit will allow you to make contacts  all over the world – even if you do not have the license already (under radio station’s manager supervision).
The club also supports QSL bureau services (licensed operators who paid yearly fees).
We also invite people who stay temporary in our area. It is our pleasure to meet other people who share our passion.
We are quite active at 145,250 MHz – there are at least few of us listening there every day, so if you are in our area and need help please do not hesitate to call.
Club meetings are held on Thursdays (please look at the calendar) in the afternoon – opening times are always published few days before the meeting in the mini-chat box.

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