Club’s History

Polish_FlagThe establishment of the club

qsl_ua3kua_1The communication section of LPŻ in Bielsko-Biala began the course of electrical engineering and telegraphy in September of 1951. Leon Grabon SP9ER was the section manager, electrical engineering classes were led by Otokar Balcy, Rudolf Tyrala SP9QN taught telegraphy.
Among the participants of this course came the first members of the club: Rudki SP9QN, Franek SP9FV, Anthony SP9QZ, Dzidek SP9AQY.
SP9KAT call sign was issued in November of 1952. Rudolf SP9QN was the leader of the club. He constructed the first club’s transceiver.qsl_yu3ajk_1 Shortly after that the first transmitter was constructed with output stage built on GU-50 lamp. Transmitter allowed to work CW at 3,5, 7 and 14 MHz.  Another level modulator was added later.  Modulator gave the opportunity to work  AM mode.  Club receiver was Lambda II. The first QSO  took place in 1953. One of the most interesting QSO from that period was Puerto Rico at 3.5 MHz. That contact was described in the local newspaper „The Chronicle of Bielsko”. The examples of QSL cards from that period you can find below.
qsl_ua3kua_2The club members built another TX and RX stage in 1954.  Above mentioned equipment was capable to operate on the 144 MHz band. The transmitter was built on the lamp LD1. The receiver was 1-V-1. From that moment SP9KAT club took an active part in the VHF Field Day competitions, working from the top of the nearby mountains. Among other things, club members organized excursions to Hrobacza Łąka (828 meters above sea level) and Wielka Racza (1236 meters above sea level).

qsl_sp9fv_1    qsl_sp9fv_2

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