Georgia 2016



Tbilisi,_Georgia_—_View_of_TbilisiRadio Club Beskidzki SP9KAT taking a step forward compared to its last trip to Crete (SX9PL) a year ago is organizing next low budget Dxpedition, this time to Georgia. The plan is to make many DX contacts with radio amateurs from around the world and make some short emergency communications tests with colleagues who will stay in Poland. Territory of Georgia due to its often floods and risk of earthquakes etc. seems an appropriate place to carry out this type of tests.

The Dxpedition to Georgia will be held from 21st to 28th of April 2016. 9 hams: SP9ONC, SQ9AC, SP9ETE, SP9NLT, SQ9OUK, SQ9IWS, SQ9IDL, SQ9ITA, SQ9ITL will fly to Tbilisi. Some Georgian hams will join on site, among others: 4L2M.

The expedition call sign is 4L9PL and is granted specifically for Polish DXpedition by the Georgian National Communication Commission (GNNC). The station will be active on the HF bands from 3.5 to 28 MHz using CW, SSB and DIGI modes (please find DX Cluster informations about current QRG during event).

The main base of 4L9PL Dxpedition will be located in the capital of the region of Kakheti – Telavi (QTH loc. is LN21RV). The expedition will also be active from such a places as: Davit Gareja monasteries near the Azerbaijan  border, National Park Vashlovani, Gombori Mountains, or town of Sighnaghi.

Quite a lot of equipment will fly to Georgia: four transceivers including QRP, rechargeable batteries together with elastic photovoltaic modules , antennas: Delta by MOPLK, Rybakov, Mini-Delta, Dipole for 80 meters band and tested mobile antenna Screwdriver RIG-9 type by SP9RIG (limitations are due to baggage limits and specificity of the QTH in Georgia). It is worth noting that this is the first such initiative of Polish Radio Amateurs which connects DXpedition with emergency communications tests. “Georgia 2016” is a low budget type of Dxpedition funded by private means of the amateurs. SP9KAT club station will cover the costs of QSL cards and expedition t-shirts.

Here is a scan of our license (as a curiosity):


Firends of our expedition:

BKS_mini1i qsl_90zl_468x60 rig-9